Plastic Poms


Plastic Poms

Strain Name: Plastic Poms 

Grade: A++

Looks: See Photo

Smell: Very pungent smell, Its was described to me as a wierd chianese food smell. i didnt agree at first, but now i do.

Taste: Like it smells, strong taste…it doesnt last through the whole bowl though. It has almost a spicy taste.

Effects: Good head high, body buzz is fair. A good smoke.

Potency: It is potent, not the most potent i ever had, but it is above average i would say.

Good Strain For: Sleeping problems (since its a heavier head high than body high) Stomach problems, it helps your appatite. Pain relief. Im sure there is many other things it helps with, it is a fairly strong smoke.


1/2 Oz $195

1 Oz $295

1/4 QP $495

1/2 HP $785

1 Pound $1500

2 Pounds $2500

3 Pounds $3500

We have two modes of shipment $30 for 3-4 days delivery and $50 for overnight shipping withing the US teritory
Product Type:Medical Marijuana



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